Monday, May 16, 2016


Lookie at my husbando ^^ yass I'm a nijkon <3

What's nijikon? ah yes, my friends often ask me this question. And so, with this blog entry I will answer that question. I will explain you what I found from my research several days ago :3 Oh and beware of my shitty grammar ;u; Okay just lemme explain what is NIJIKON '-')/

Nijikon is a japanese internet slang for a person who is obsessed with fictional character (2D)  like anime characters, manga characters or video game characters which is fiction above a paper or screen. This term is an abbreviation from nijigen konpurekkusu.

Usually, person who suffers this syndrome doesn’t have interest to opposite sex in real world. They only like 2D fictional character. They claim that their favorite character is their waifu (wife) or husbando (husband).  Person with  this syndrome likes to upload their waifu or husbando’s picture on social media. They willing to use their money to buy things that is related with their waifu or husbando. And they prefer to spend their precious time to watch anime, read manga or play game over socializing. They also like to imagine that they are close to their waifu or husbando. 

According to Toshio Okada who is an anime producer. writer, lecturer, co-founder and ex-president of Gainax Production in his book called Otaku no Mayoi Michi (Lost Path Otaku), Nijikon is a term for people who isn’t famous when socializing with society and in some case they also hate and afraid of human. Yes, they suffer a phobia called anthropophobia (afraid of people/society). In other words, nijikon syndrome is one of a mental illness.

Most of nijikon are male, because female now days prefer drama actors or singer/boybands over anime, etc. But, there are many female nijikon like me huehue x’D 

How is it? interesting? 
Are you a nijikon like me? :3 
Please comment if you have more information about this term and please please please comment my grammar mistakes, I will fix it ASAP! >< 

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